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So, I was watching TV (doesn't happen very often, as I prefer to read, or play games with the spare time I can scrape together), around an hour ago, and my brother comes in the front room, and says:

"It's only nine??? For some reason, it feels like it should be much, much later"

Which got me to thinking: it's been either overcast or rainy since Tuesday morning. I'm not a fan of the sun (witness my spectacular paleness, a complex mixture of nature and nurture), but it sure feels like it's been semi dark for a couple of days... I would be glad if it happened to be a tad sunny tomorrow, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Anyway... Yesterday afternoon, I took a long route back from work (that's what I wanted to say last night, but couldn't remember) to my train. I walked alongside the outline of the Red Line (not my train), across the bridge on Lake Street. The street started out lined with trees slightly taller than the elevated rail, and ended with a steel bridge superstructure, followed by a stretch lined with planters that are still inexplicably full of vegetation.

It hit me that I'll miss this town for itself, aside from missing the few people I know who still live in the Windy City (I tend not to grow attached to many people, and most who I've liked or loved over the years have either never lived here, or moved away years ago).

I'll miss the streets, the bridges, and the nondescript, almost unassuming art galleries on Near River West. I'll miss the understated urban grittiness of Greektown and Pilsen. I'll miss the urban chic of Lincoln Park, and the waning alterna-grunge ambience of Wicker Park. I'll miss walking with the masses of antlike white collar workers in the Loop.

I dare say, I'll even miss River North, the district I work by, even with its pretence of catering to the upscale, and though I seem to have to drag myself there every morning.

It's one city where you can truly feel at home anywhere.
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